Aquilaria walked in front, holding a torch in his hand, and looked at everything in the abode of fairies and immortals with great interest. Listening to the little guy’s fear of words, he left his pie mouth and said dismissively, "Daniel, you are so timid. What are you afraid of? If it really appears, I will show you how I descended the ghost."

Followed by a few little guys, they looked at the surrounding environment and trembled with fear. At this time, the ears came to purr, and everyone was even more unable to move. There were water stains in Daniel’s crotch. The little guy was scared by this horrible environment.
The first agarwood also found that something was wrong, and the air around it turned cold. The ear kept echoing with purring, and at this moment, his heart gave birth to remorse.
But now he has no good way to look back. He has been scared by the six gods and friends and said, "Something is wrong. Let’s go back first."
At this time, he suddenly found that several friends’ faces were full of frightened expressions and seemed to stare at him. A wave of fear filled his mind instantly and he looked back.
I saw a glimmer of light in the dark cave, and a green jack-o’-lantern suddenly appeared. Soon the cave was surrounded by ferocious and horrible ghosts. These are all tragic ghosts in this cave, and I didn’t know that I was trapped in this cave because of my anger.
Now several agarwood people broke in and woke them up, so these ghosts followed in front of several children.
These children have seen such a scene, and they have long been scared to cry by this scene. Only agarwood can keep calm. He carefully looks at the situation of ghosts and thinks about countermeasures in his mind. These children are all brought out by themselves. If anything happens to their own family, they can’t stay in the village.
Thought of here, agarwood instantly rushed to the front of the children in an attempt to protect these frightened children with their own bodies.
I don’t know that these ghosts’ eyes light up when they see agarwood. You know, people with the blood of the gods like agarwood are the best food for them. If they can eat agarwood, their magic will be greatly enhanced.
At that time, all the ghosts’ eyes bloomed with light, which was a longing for light. The ear became louder and louder, and agarwood suddenly felt a splitting headache. The fierce pain made him involuntarily cling to his head and roll painfully.
However, at this moment, I suddenly smelled a strange smell in my nose, and a moment of tiredness swept through my brain. I felt that my eyelids were very heavy, and even if I tried my best, I insisted on falling into a deep sleep.
Ghosts in the cave don’t know what happened. They saw Aquilaria in pain and suddenly fell into a deep sleep. They were mentally disabled. They could judge the cause of the matter and they could stick out their claws to Aquilaria.
"alas!" A faint sigh sounded in the cave, and an old man with a wooden stick stooped and slowly came in. Behind him was a tall monster with a crow head, a waist and a sword.
"This is the head when you wipe your ass!" Huang Lao-tou sighed slightly. God knows how many times they wiped their ass with agarwood over the years. This little guy is a disaster. Wherever he goes, he belongs to that kind of physique that is particularly easy to attract monsters.
In order to make him grow up safely, these two little monsters have done their best, and Huang Lao’s hair has lost a lot.
"If it weren’t for the king’s orders, I would have crushed this hateful guy to death." The crow said angrily that he had lived in fear all day since he became a monster, fearing that this little ancestor would need two people to clean up what he did.
"When we grow up for a while, the king will start work, and then we will be free." Huang Lao-tou sighed slightly for a while, and he sighed more times than all his life put together.
"If it weren’t for the fear of the baby king in his body, he would have already started work, and I don’t know what treasures made the king so interested. If we can get it, it will not fly." The crow said with some envy.
"Stop, I don’t want to die. Don’t forget the king’s means. Now he is more and more terrible. If he knows about you, I will die and die. What’s worse, can a little person like us covet that treasure?" Huang Lao said lightly.
The crow was very unwilling to nod his head and asked curiously, "I don’t know exactly how this treasure came about, and even people like the king are afraid to look like this."
"That’s not what we can know, but it must be amazing. Maybe the king can’t take it."
"That’s so good. If it really provoked a small role like us, wouldn’t it be solved at will?" The crow’s head became very light and asked eagerly
"Don’t worry, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time. When this matter is over, you and I will tell the king that we are willing to keep the border. If things go wrong, we’ll run away. Those tall people won’t stare at us."
Crow smell speech suddenly show hope eyes quietly huang Lao head set up a thumb.
While they were talking, the group of spectres had surrounded them. In their eyes, the two uninvited guests broke into the cave to take food from his mouth.
In order to protect the territory, they can put two monsters in hostility for the first time.
Looking at the approaching spectre, Huang Lao’s face flashed a disdainful look and said to himself, "If you beat me, there is no place to put this old face."
Words in the hands of a wooden staff gently refers to see a number of vines suddenly grow in the cave. It’s no hurry to reach the spectre and bind them firmly in an instant.
The spectre is an illusion, but these vine surfaces seem to contain a strange force that can trap the illusory body.
Chapter five hundred and ninety Master
There is a green light that passes away, and the ferocious spectre becomes weak. It seems that these lights rob them of their vitality, and soon the spectres become empty, and it seems that they never appear in the cave.
And those vines seem to have completed their mission, and gradually become dry after the spectre dissipates.
"Huang Lao tou, your spell has become more and more skilled." The crow looked at the spell and said with emotion.
Huang Lao-tou shook his head gently and said, "Even if I practice skillfully and have it again, I will run away when I meet a slightly powerful monster in this realm."
For a little monster like them, it has become a bone ability to cling to the strong and seek good fortune and avoid evil, but deep down in his heart, he doesn’t have unspeakable ambitions, otherwise how can he treat agarwood?
"Let’s hurry to send them out. The king knows and blames me, etc." Huang Lao head said with some weariness.
Crow also didn’t speak again. Huang Lao’s situation was not him, and his ambition was stronger than that of the old and steady Huang Lao, because he didn’t dare to show it because of his low strength
When agarwood gradually woke up, the sky was full of stars and the bright milky way. He gently stroked his head to dispel the dizziness and looked around carefully and found that there were no fewer of his friends, which quietly relieved him.
At the same time, a guess becomes more and more obvious. Since childhood, Aquilaria sinensis has a feeling that there seems to be an inexplicable force around him to protect himself. Whenever he is in danger, he will eventually save the day inexplicably, which is why he dies so often.
Orphan agarwood is more mature than he is now, but he is better at hiding himself or pretending to be innocent and lovely.
"So it seems that someone is secretly protecting me" Aquilaria muttered to herself.
This should be a good thing, but he can feel a deep malice lingering around him.
When agarwood was lost in thought, the noise sounded not far away, and a fire dragon appeared in the dark night. It was the villagers who came to find these bold bear children.
When they saw the agarwood figure, they were excited. The people who came across the field also found the agarwood and the children lying asleep.
They were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief and watch the children get well. They were finally able to sleep well.
The children who were still asleep opened their sleepy eyes and saw their parents’ fierce faces crying. The reverberation of this field made the once quiet field lively.
Aquilaria stared at this scene with a sad face like an outsider. Whenever this time, he would seem out of place, as if he would always be alone. Whenever he went home, his father would take a gentle look at himself and say that he was back, let alone speak like other people’s parents.
When he got home, the light was still on in the small thatched cottage. Liu Yanchang quietly sat in the chair and looked at the uneasy agarwood. He gently asked, "Are his children okay when they come back?"
Aquilaria showed a look that really happened. He replied softly, "It’s all right. I’ve all gone home."
"That’s good. It’s getting late and have a rest." Liu Yanchang said this sentence and gently went back to his room, leaving Aquilaria alone. His father was still the same.
That night, agarwood had a strange dream. He dreamed that he had fallen from nine days through many obstacles and landed in a place full of magma. In the middle of the magma, there was a hideous monster with a huge figure. The whole body was bound by huge chains, and the magma roared from time to time. As he roared, it kept rolling and hitting the surrounding rock walls, but there seemed to be a mysterious rune on the surface to stop the turbulent magma.
At this moment, the demon looked up and shouted a name in agarwood’s mouth, and his eyes showed fear.
And agarwood will hear him say a few words clearly, which are three words of Lotus Lantern.
At the same time, Huang Lao tou and crow met their king, who was telling the story respectfully.
"Aquilaria sinensis is nine years old and getting into trouble is getting bigger and bigger. If we go to our two strengths like this, we can ensure his safety." Huang Lao head said with a face of depression.
The demon listened quietly to the two little monsters and gradually frowned. Once the agarwood is in danger, the body lotus lamp will be activated. The more times, the closer the agarwood lotus lamp will be, and it is very likely that the truth will be known.
"It seems that we can’t put it off any longer. We must carry out the plan." The demon waved the two little monsters back and sat on a stone bench and muttered to himself.
The next day, Aquilaria slept in. What happened last night consumed him too much energy, which made him feel tired as never before, and the dream in the middle of the night also made him imagine that the image of the demon trapped in the magma was still clearly imprinted on his mind.
After last night in the village, there were many opinions about agarwood. The agarwood was too bold, and those places dared to take their children to break in, so many parents warned their children to stay away from agarwood.
It is precisely because of this that agarwood has become alone. Many parents will secretly pull their children away after seeing agarwood, just like avoiding the plague.
Chen Xiang wandered around the village alone and felt very chatty. He looked up at the flowing water outside the village and talked about it. He took a stone and hit Shui Piao.
At this moment, a Taoist priest with a robe and a long beard came walking from the water to see agarwood with a surprised face. The old people never thought that they would see this as a miracle today.
Taoist priest showed a smirk when he saw agarwood’s expression and face. He still kept his temperament of floating out of the dust and slowly walked from the water to agarwood.

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